Code of Conduct

Svartberget Code of Conduct

Svartberget prides itself in upholding high standards not only with the beer we
brew but with the company we keep.

Our small team upholds these principles both professionally and ethically and
respects the rights of all people.

The Svartberget team’s Code of Conduct bases itself on the belief in equality
and respect of both staff and customers irregardless of color, race, religion,
creed, ethnicity, sex, ancestry, gender identity and expression, age, physical
or mental capabilities, citizenship, sexual orientation or marital status.
We are committed at both the workplace and event space, to create a safe
environment of openness, warmth and friendliness.

The Svartberget Code of Conduct will not tolerate any use of violence, sexual
harassment, racial epithets, derogatory remarks, vulgar language or obscene